securace-produkt.jpg specializes in the production of spacer bars and reinforcing parts for passenger cars. Our products are made in Slovakia from high-quality Czech-Slovak materials. All products are made of steel protected by powder coating. Holders with a thickness of 4 to 5 mm, seamless tubes and ovals of 2 to 3 mm. Manually welded by TIG technology. The spacers are welded into one unit without connecting parts (screws, ...) to achieve the highest possible rigidity. When designing our products, we do our best to strengthen the body and chassis parts. We also produce safety frames for racing specials. The prices of Securation products correspond to the quality of processing and the materials used. We want our products to bring people the joy of driving and precise cornering. We are still working on new models and types. Follow our pages and they will slowly increase "You can't stop development"